Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Magizhchi!!! - My take on PaRanjith's Interview

So finally I also watched #Kabali on Second day second show! I never watched a single movie on the second day and I'm a hardcore fan of Rajinikanth only only as a superstar but as a man, father, worker, actor, entertainer and every other way that is shown by the media to me.

So I have a different expectation from Rajinikanth as an entertainer.

I still remember when Kamalahasan's Mahanathi got released. I was in school and went to that movie with my mom and neighbors. I hated that movie. Yes I hated that movie though it showed the reality of life, reality of a jail cell etc, I hated that movie. I remember writing a letter to Kamal with the address I got from some magazines. I dont watch movies with an idea of learning something new and the minute I come out of the screen I'm going to follow it. Never. My life has its own teachings and my learnings. I come to a theatre purely to have a temporary amnesia of my issues and enjoy & live the moment.

Rajini movies have always given me that except few very mokkai movies which are very less in numbers may be 2,3. But on the whole I never felt bad or guilty about spending money for a movie in a theatre.

And I dont regret watching Kabali at all. I enjoyed every bit of it. I wanted a stylish Rajini not a person who preaches something through movies and I got it.

I may watch it once again to see Pa. Ranjith's movie. I'm yet to get into the discussions rather arguments of Castism.

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